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A powerful abstract painting to decorate your space and raise your heart’s vibration towards authenticity. Reveal your essence from the elements of your personal astrological birth chart and the map of essence.

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Essence Portrait

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Essence Portrait

What is the sound of your vibration
How much fire are you made of
How much Air
How much Earth and Heart
How much Water and what it holds
If you were a painting will I spread peace? Or impact those who pass by so that they too remember who they are?

If you were a painting…

Best sellers

Essence Portrait
(watercolor on paper | A2 (59.4 cm x 42 cm)
€ 487,5 (normal € 650)
€ 150/each family member
(normal 200€)

Words of clients

I moved house but the painting is still the artwork in my room. This painting and the encounter with Claudia changed my life... it was more than an experience, it was a spiritual journey. There is an Anabela before and after this experience. It marked my soul... it was so intense that it is difficult to put into words how special, important, magical it was... They had already read my astrological chart before and made me fall in love with astrology, they had already touched my heart many times... but you Claudia, you transcended yourself... you read me and touched my soul. So... I have no words to express gratitude and admiration for you.

Anabela Antunes

Shipping was very fast! Thank you very much for the excellent service. The plants were very fresh and beautiful. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Robert Crown

Wow! The pots I ordered were very beautiful and added to the atmosphere at home. The flowers were also very fresh and high-quality. I really liked the vase and would definitely recommend them!

Nick Jason

It was easy to order and the prices were good. Plus, the flowers were so beautiful and fresh. In fact, all their products are super unique! All in all, the delivery was excellent. I will definitely order some more!

Clara Green


Add color and authenticity to your home with your unique astrologic portrait

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