Egor Corporate Identity

Rebranding  +   Brand Management  +   Strategy + Website Look & Feel  

Egor is a Human Resources Consultancy, group of companies operated chiefly in the areas of recruitment, selection, training, staffing and outsourcing. In a process of repositioning the brand, a new image study was done for the Egor Group, showing its experience and excellence created over the course of 32 years in the market, along with a strong component of innovation, modernity and trust. For Egor, the Future was always important. The Future of employees, candidates, companies and economy. My job was to find this position together with the administration, and thus to design the Strategy and Branding of the next years: Shaping the Future since 1986

  • Egor
  • Human Resources
  • Branding, Design, Art Direction,
  • January 2019
Holistic brand redesign focusing product design, interface design, studio photograph style, icon design, editorial design, web design & motion design.

– Paul Rand / Creative Director

Koordinaten bilden die Grundlage für Einsatz des Produktes ausgerichtete Corporate Design. Reale Daten wie zum Beispiel Wetterdaten, Geografische Flächen und Höhenmeter, werden in das Design in mit einbezogen. Die neu gestaltete Marke zeichnet sich sowohl durch userorientierte Einsatz. die in Grundlage für das Einsatz von des Produktes ausgerichtete Corporate Voin Design. in Reale Daten wie zum Beispiel Wetterdaten, Geog rafische Koordi naten und Höhenmeter, werden in das Design mit einbezogen.

A corporate design based on the idea of generating design with user data created through the usage of the brands products. Every user has his own identity and can individualize his own products based on this adventures with the brands products.